JANTZEN & DEEKE GmbH is an 1859 established
Trading-House, dedicated to the import, export and
cross trade of tropical spices, in particular pepper.

Based in Hamburg and already running through
6 generations of the family Jantzen this traditional
trading company has survived two World-Wars,
Inflations, Currency-Reforms and economical
crises. The company today is stronger than ever.

Since the beginning under Müller & Jantzen in
1859 not only the name (since 1900 the business
is run under JANTZEN & DEEKE) has changed.
There have been tremendous developments in
the range of products, the traded volumes, the
means of transport, the way of communication
and the global network of suppliers and customers.

Due to market developments and globalisation in
the "Age of Information" JANTZEN & DEEKE GmbH
is constantly seeking to maintain and improve its
dynamic position within today's concentrated
spice trade.

As a reliable source of high-quality raw products
JANTZEN & DEEKE GmbH supplies most of the major industries, grinders and processors world-wide.

Our main goal is to keep our customers updated
with all relevant information concerning crop sizes,
quality of material and prices. To achieve this goal,
and in order to offer our clients the best world
market levels we work with all important origins
"around the world and around the clock".
We consider that a key function is this spice
business is to stay always ahead of the competition.

Additional service s from us next to market reports
and crop-evaluations are the processing and
reconditioning of the raw natura l products, special
packing and the just-in-time spot-deliveries from
most of the important trade centres of the world.

Because of the longstanding business relations
with both our customers a nd our suppliers we have
found not only personal friends but also deep trust
in our business partners, which in the volatile
markets that we have today in this spice-business,
with its future contracts and possible price fluctuations,
is fundamental. Performing each and every contract
and providing fair & honest market reports are the
main reasons, why JANTZEN & DEEKE GmbH
belongs today amongst the leading Spice traders
in the world.

We would be happy to share with you in the upcoming future the benefit of our experience of nearly 150
years in the spice-business, and to assist you as a
reliable partner in your decisions of sourcing and
purchasing of spices!


Family Jantzen